Hypocrisy in Democracy

Hypocrisy in Democracy

EmilysQuotes.Com-shh-quiet-silence-democracy-sleeping-ignorance-politics-unknownIt is so right to think that a government in a democratic country is elected by the people and works for the people. But what should the citizens do when politicians themselves make a joke out of democracy. When they contradict the sole purpose of serving the people and form a government for their ulterior motives. What is the point of democracy then?

There is an instance in India when the ruling party proposed to pass a certain bill, but the opposition party ruled it out. Then, when the opposition party came to power then the ruling party which was now the opposition party ruled that same bill out. So, is democracy really about serving people or the scenario has changed and is it now the battle of wits and egos? We are the people who are always churned in between. Are we wrong to have a vision to see our country prosper? Are we wrong to trust a particular party to lead the way for us?

What we as the voters are getting, is the false hope that the party or candidate gives us before she/he comes to power. We are so gullible that we believe that they won’t misuse their power. A politician kills a fellow citizen and he is bailed, but when a poor person steals then he is convicted for FELONY (a big crime is made out of it). Why are these scenarios not equal? Why is the politician not facing the apt punishment for his crime?

When are we ever going to experience a real democracy? When in the world will the government stop exercising their power in a wrong manner. Why don’t they see our PLIGHT? Isn’t it funny to see that we were the people who elected a certain party to power and then they misuse it on us.

I think its time we woke them up from their sleep.



Its a Paradise and a Warzone

Its a Paradise and a Warzone

Our very race is so privileged to be living a life where we have everything we need. Pay close attention to my word “NEED”. We should be cherishing the fact that we are alive and living on earth which itself is a paradise for us. We all are here to be constructive, to be helpful to give a helping hand to the people in need. We all are one and so is this place we call home. Then why all this hatred, why aren’t we uniting to preserve the beauty of our environment. Why am I planning to kill you each and every day? Why do I despise your success? Why in the name of development do I cut down trees and uproot homes?The very thought of a PARADISE give me chills. I remember the annihilation in Syria, the torment on jews, killing in the name of religion in the recent attacks in Brussels. What are we doing, why in the name of creating a better tomorrow are we taking lives of people on earth. Who are we or, who are you to decide whether a person might wake up to see another day. It seems as if someday soon I am going to experience a rain full of blood. People on earth are aiming to go to “PARADISE” after slaying their own life and taking lives of their fellow compatriots. There is a war going in this paradise and we’ll have to put a stop to it, because now whenever I close my eyes I don’t see a better day, rather the looks of people in agony, in pain facing the wrath of this sinister world.

Facebook’s New Surprise — How To Play Basketball In Messenger App

Celebrating March Madness, Facebook has rolled out an update that lets you play basketball in Messenger app. Just update your instant messaging app and send a basketball emoji to your friend to start the game. Read more to know more about the game. Facebook is here to make your boring office and school hours a […]


The NORMAL these days


Gelled hair, low waist jeans, flashy cars these might sound like the normal these days but if we introspect we might find what really is normal these days are the rising number of rapes, road rages, accidents and all other sorts of crimes out there. People today are not independent in the so called INDEPENDENT state. A person does not even know what might happen with him or her the other day, minute or second of his life. The person might be stabbed to death or could get raped anything is plausible these days. Media has also shown all kinds of news related to robberies, misogyny etc that it seems very normal to people and this is called the media’s saturation effect. Let me tell you more about media’s saturation effect. In this effect the media shows all the same type of news day in and day out that people get used to it and become callous. So we can say that media has made people become callous about all the crimes that people think that it has become a part of their lives to hear about these things. We do also encounter situations where people have become so careless that they do not even give a helping hand to the person who is suffering from one of these crimes. For an instance last saturday I heard about a case of chain snatching in Vaishali and people did absolutely nothing to counter the snatchers. So this shows how these criminals have become a part of our lives. We often do concentrate on raising our living standards but seldom we do think about these criminal acts that are hampering our societies and are becoming a very normal way of earning. More often newspapers and news channels come up with these news but they are also capital centric. People should be taught that what they should do in such situations that have become so normal in our lives that we overlook it and not even consider it as a major crime. People nowadays love to read about heinous crimes and go on a candle march but not do anything about the criminal activities that are happening on a daily basis and most of which are also not seen as offences, for an instance people do not even acknowledge jumping a red light as an offence as this has become so normal. It is like if you are getting late you can always jump one. Its time we stand against everything that is bothering us and people around us.

Suffering amidst the joy

Rains bring joy to most, it is a feeling that cannot be defined like how it feels going out with the people you love in the rain. Who does not love rains after all?  The weather becomes so pleasant, people who do not feel like going out, suddenly get a reason to go out and cherish the weather. The question is that, are “THE RAINS” a matter of joy and a matter of pleasant surprise for all?

There is a section of people who aren’t happy about this untimely rain. When we sit in our balconies enjoying the Untimely Rains and thanking our lords,that the weather did show some improvement. Then there are some who curse the lords for this. These are the people from the agrarian society. Their daily living depends on the weather. They are the people of our country, we do not pay attention to. While everyone is eyeing for big salary packages, working forward in MNC’s, then there are these people who tirelessly are working to fill their fellow citizen’s stomach. These are the people who aren’t in any joy but in sorrow, in pain from the banking system of our country. They are getting buried under the irregular interest systems of our country’s banks. It seems that their lives aren’t important to our people and to the so called state. Our country organised such a big event named Art of Living with great pomp and show but they simultaneously spoiled the floodplains. Our prime minister was a part of this  3 day extravaganza. We talk about industrialization, we talk about make in India but haven’t we forgotten about the people who have been making and producing in and for our country.

I was sitting today near my veranda cherishing Delhi’s unexpected pour and reading my newspaper when suddenly this came up and I felt sorry and helpless for all those farmers working tirelessly for us. In my opinion they are the TRUE NATIONALISTS. IMG_7183

Revival of the Classical beat 

Revival of the Classical beat 

Someone has rightly said that history repeats itself. You just need the eye and the instincts to discover it. This has been the case in the music industry too. All sorts and forms of music have emerged from the roots of the classical beat. Be it pop, rock even the electronic dance music also has some glimpse of the classic. 

This classical music is said to have the power to control the weather, according to the legends it is said that Tansen had the power to control the weather from his singing abilities. These were the Ragas that had the power to change the weather. We all must have observed the majestic power of music to control our moods so why cannot the weather be controlled. 

People have seen a gradual shift in their taste of music. It has gone from the old classics to a more sophisticated form of music. A musical form where more bpm (beats per minute) is observed. People are now listening to trance music, trap and EDM. Dj’s are making their name worldwide, but have we ever asked ourselves what is so attractive about this music it is the usage of those nodal notes that were a part of the classics and yes the classical beat is coming back making a full turn to be a part of our lives again. The dj’s are using the music once played by beethoven and mozart with a little change in it and adding their own flavor to it.

The past will now be the future and the world will unravel itself in one way or the other and the classical beat will be back once again. We are gradually moving towards the past. We are pulling the key back, we are cherishing the yesteryears and we don’t know it.